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Outside Wood Heater - Installation Instructions

Please take a few minutes and read these instructions which contain several good hints and some "NO NO's" that present owners have encountered.

-Select the part of your home where your would most likely have the heat vent entering.  Hopefully this will be on the side of your home toward the prevailing winds.  You can make the entry through the wall or raise a window.
-Upon selecting the heater site, prepare a level site at least 42" X 30" square a maximum of 28 inches from the inside wall of your home.  You can use 8 X 8 concrete blocks of each corner of the area to support the heater.
-Place heater on blocks and check for level Never place on combustible surface.  A drop of 1/2" to 1" on one front corner will allow any water accumulation to run off.
-Place duct box over opening and align to side of building.  Mark and cut hole for duct box.  Use caution and do not cut any electrical wiring.  Try to go between 2 wall studs if possible.
-From inside of house, slide duct box in hole and slip tabs of outlet in duct box and slide bout out till all tabs are engaged.  You should have at least a 2" projection into the room.
-Install blower with self tapping bolts, Install limit switch and wiring in heat vent and connect wiring as per separate directions and diagram.  Cover over blower should have good clearance on intake side of blower.
-Install collar and flange, small end down, into furnace and seal with silicone,  Attach smoke stack and brace kit.  Pipe should be 2 feet above eave edge to draw properly.  CAUTION: Pipe must have 18 inch clearance to any combustible surface.
-IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BURN OFF OIL FROM DRUM.  Place small insulation board included in duct box inside duct box past heat sensor to block off heat from home temporarily.  Build a hot fire in unit and allow blower to operate for at least 2 or more hours or until air from duct end is free of smoke.  This initial "burn off" is important to ensure no smoke entering your home.  After fire cools, remove insulation block and install inside end cover for duct box.  Place duct box and cover on duct box and fasten with sheet metal screws and seal all joints on duct and heater that are exposed to weather with silicone.

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